Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jan 1 2014 - Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Kimo Lyman and I did Ka'ena Point monitoring today.

Out at the point we found RR70 "Rip" on Back Beach, sleeping near the waterline.
RW02 was sleeping on the reefs in the center on the Main Pool.

Although the Point was in all it's splendor, a beautiful day, albatrosses nesting everywhere, whales proportioning a show, 2 seals sleeping - it was a volunteers worst nightmare due to the amount of people that hiked out.

It was a special day, families were out in big groups to celebrate the first day of the year.

Twice I did a head count from where we were on the reef wall of Back Beach and both times the numbers were higher than 50 people around Main Beach.

We decided to sit back, choose the "leaders" of each group, do an occasional outreach and Q&A then watch them go back and share the info with the others. It was a successful formula.

We spent hours out there and when we left there were still lots of people heading to the point.

Back at Mokuleia, in the late afternoon, we were told by Kimo's family that RN58 "Luana" had spent the morning in front of the house (Mokuleia side of Birth Beach). We went down and saw "her" trails.

Kimo will check in the morning and let us know if she's around.  
Aloha, Lesley 

New Year Day 2014 at Ka'ena Point  

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