Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jan 16 2014: Yesterday's News: Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek and Pup Shift

I arrived at Mokuleia side of Ka'ena Pt at day break, Kimo Lyman joined me and we went and check the beach for RN58 "Luana" there were no trails or signs of her having spent the night in the area. She was seen infront of his house yesterday.

We hiked out to the point and just as we thought we were going to be skunked I saw a head coming thru big white wash waves. The seal came all the way to the entrance of the main pool and disappeared. My dollar was on RO40 "Ka'ena" so we headed back to his pool, and there he was freshly hauled out on the side reef. He swam around the pool till he chose some bigger rocks to accommodate himself in order not to be tossed around big the volume of water the bigger waves were sending in.

Yesterday some retired  Firefighters friends of Kimo did the point and saw 4 seals in the main pool.

I headed to TBR to do the last shift of the day - Diane had let me know that RI37 "Bessie" and RK82 "La'akea" were on Right Spots Beach, I checked on them before going to the pupping site.

R5AY & PO1 were just finishing a nursing session. For the little over three hours I was there, PO1 did not stop moving around. It ventured solo down to the waterline twice, mom just repositioned herself to look at it, while it did all the vocalizing.

Becky (a volunteer to-be) and I closed up site and headed to Right Spot Beach to see the girls. It was very entertaining to watch RK82 teasing her elder sister. They finally made it down to the waterline at sunset, played around for a while than dove into a bigger wave and disappeared.

We hanged around a little longer and watched the full moon rise. Absolutely gorgeous !  Aloha,  Lesley 

 Ka'ena RO40
 La'akea and RI37 - Little sister trying to be playful
 enough play getting some rest 
 Meanwhile Momma 5AY and her newest offspring PO1 
 amazing how active and alert they are... and as you will all see how quickly they grow and change. 
 catching some shore break
 hmmm do I hear something?
 goodnight gorgeous full moon!


madhatter said...

Is it just me or is it really cool that La'akea and R 137 are hanging out together, not only that but near mom and new pup. I know mom chased off La'akea one day when she tried it go near the pup, but does mom recognize that La'akea and R 137 are hers?

Donna said...

It's very cool we have this family unfolding before us.... wasn't there a television series called Sisters? We can write the script for the seal version :-)
Seriously as much as I would love to think that mom recognizes her kids it's highly unlikely. I think the seals tend to be playful, affectionate or confrontational with any of the seals regardless if their related.
WE CAN still write our script... I personally think its a lot more fun.