Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jan 22 2014 DB's Dailies: Aukai&Buster&UU@RI, Kea@SB, UU@SC, Makaiwi,RIP,M&M@WP, Kermit@KR, R5ay&Pup@TB, Rocky@HHV

Howling north winds, and "Victory at Sea" ocean conditions made observations and ID s had to come by. At 1015 I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach on Rabbit Island. Although I could see only a sliver of her body, that sliver happened to have an N12 bleach on it. I never saw the entire animal.
The same was also true of my find of Buster (RV08) behind the Morning Glory, left of 1BS on RI. He never moved down but from time to time I got glimpses of his molting ventral surface.
At 1214 an U/U, sub-adult size animal with a new coat, hauled out to the far left end of RI. By that time the wind was really crankin’ and I could never get an ID.
At 1049 Gayle called with the report of an animal at Spitting Cave. Water conditions made an ID impossible. He photos were inconclusive. I did an SC check at 1408 as I too saw the animal but I could not get an ID. My dollar is on RK36, but ???????
Ocean Safety called at 1432 with the report of an animal at the Blowhole end of Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 1444 I found, and cordoned off Kea (RN46). The boy had been MIA for a few days so it was nice to see him again. I picked up the rope at dark. Kea remains.
At 0650 Team Billand reported Makaiwi (R4DF) fronting Tower#1, White Plains. Vera’s photos confirmed the ID, a well as the ID s of the rest of the WP cast today. The Billands advised that Makaiwi departed at 1630.
Diane Gabriel and Karen Turner were on R5AY& Pup duty this morning. Diane checked in at 1010 to advise that Mom & pup were very high on the beach and frequent surges kept them there. Thank you to Diga and to Michelle for Mom & pup shots.
Dana called at 1012 with the report of an animal at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki. Karen Rohter’s photos confirm the Rocky (RH58) ID.
Team Billand reported Kermit (R012) at Kermit’s Reef, at 1101. Kermit would depart at 1615.
At 1112 Vera reported the arrival of RIP (RR70) to join Makaiwi at Tower #1 , WP.

At 1227 Vera advised that M&M (R020) had hauled out to Tower#1. After Makaiwi departed at 1630, the Billands advised that RIP moved to join M&M.

 Rocky.... interesting perspective on this picture... 1st Rocky looks enormous and the woman look like she's standing next to her. 
 Kermit hauling out  
 wonder if he was playing in the big surf?
 MM and Rip
 they are very sweet together
 Maka'iwi and Rip
 Maka'iwi not as sweet with Rip 
 Rip and Maka'iwi
 Mr. Rip

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