Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jan 22, 2014 Lesley's Update on PO1

Just before Diane and Karen left a big wave rolled all the way up to where R5AY & PO1 were at entrance of the back path. We went to check on them, cause after the pup had it's solo adventure it was still on the makai side of mom, they were OK. That was the beginning of several big washes.

Finally mom moved further up and PO1 with her. It distracted itself playing with the naupaka and made it's way past mom towards mauka side on to main path.

I left feeling comfortable that they'd be alright for the night. Unfortunately with the fence down it's harder  to keep visitors at a safe distance. Sometimes you're at the top path and someone walks by on the beach, or shows up from a back path, all in all they were very positive and reacted with lots of interest on Q&A / Outreach.

It took over me 3 looong hours to drive home....till Haleiwa there was much to look at: Sunset and Waimea were closed, Shark Cove was impressive and wild, Chuns was spilling over on to the HWY. Then traffic moved on, only to stop on the first hill up the coffee plantation, from there to Schofield/H2 it took nearly 2 hours.

Kimo L. hiked out to Ka'ena Pt this morning, just as he made it to Back Beach RO40 "Ka'ena" was hauling out. He made his way up the beach and went to sleep. Kimo couldn't remember seeing waves that big and strong wind out there. And he has lived there.... forever.  Aloha, Lesley  
Look how high up on the shore they are!  Momma knows best 
 This large rock almost looks like a shadow of a GIANT seal :-)

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