Friday, January 17, 2014

Jan 17, 2014 Day 7 Honey Girl and PO1 Report

I arrived @TBR at daybreak and hiked out to Elbow Beach.

Due to the VERY high surf most of the fence around the pupping area had been taken down and away last night.

I saw R5AY & PO1 from far sleeping up on Kahuku side near the Ironwood trees cave. As they lay quietly I started checking out the perimeter around waterline from high tide /waves and picked up some sea debris. I heard a little sneeze looked up and there was RL54 “Kaikaina” blended like a cameleon in the sand.

Mid morning she moved down as if she was going to leave but half way down the beach a bigger surge washed over her. She stayed there for a while then turned back up the beach to the “manger”

R5AY "Honey Girl" and PO1 on D7 slept for most of the time I was out there from 7:15 AM to noon.
Around 9:55AM pup climbed over mom towards water side, started nagging her and vocalizing. She turned around and presented, there was a 30 minutes nursing session. Pup moved around, schmoozed moms face then went back to its original spot on mauka side of mom.

There was a lot of outreach done today. The majority hotel guests.

On my way to the pup site,  I checked the waterline all the way from Main Beach  (Right Spots Beach) and put some new signs on trees along the way.

I was visited on my shift first by Jeannie Martinson that came to check on the situation after last nights fence ordeal and after by Kimo Lyman that showed up in case help was needed for the re-fencing, which was decided not to be re-erected due to other bigger swells being forecasted for tonight and over the weekend.   Aloha, Lesley 

 honey girl 5AY and PO1 tucked safely away
 Bigger Sister Kaikaina just up the beach a little ways 

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