Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jan 18 2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn & I drove out to Mokuleia, just as we were going to check Birth Beach in front of Kimo's house, I looked towards Camp Erdman and saw a seal on the beach. We headed that way and IDed RW02 sleeping peacefully on the beach facing the water. \
Carlo (a beach goer) just called reporting a seal at Mokuleia, he sent photos and I IDed RW02 - still in the same location as this morning. He mentioned some kids were getting to close so I gave him some outreach tips.
Kimo L. joined us for the hike out to the point. On our way we nearly tripped on RN58 "Luana" who chose a very odd location to haul out near 10 mnts Beach. I was carrying a new sign out to put at KPt but we decided to leave it near her, since she was on a path with big tyre trails. She was still there on our way back, so the sign also stayed.

At the point R303 "BG" was up on Back Beach. Many visitors were around. She moved down to the water line and may have entered the water after we left
RO40 "Ka'ena" was in a tide pool to the North side of the Main Pool. from up on the dunes we could see all his distinctive marks: scar on back, natural bleaches and the chip tag.

At the point we also met by Tracy Wurth, Ilana and Mat.  It was an unusual day, with unusual finds and haul out locations.  Aloha, Lesley 

BG R303
 Rn58 Luana
 Ka'ena RO40 


Lesley said...

The pit scar on RO40 "Ka'ena" back is an old one. It's one of the markings that help us ID him from far. As well as his 2 little NB on the hind right side of his back and his chipped tag showing only a "0"

Donna said...

It looked fresh... maybe because it's wet... oh well....