Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jan 2, 2014: Yesterday's News: Jason O'Rourke Photograph Benny & MM

Hey Donna,
I managed to get out and about the island for the first time in a while, and made a stop at White Plains to visit the trio we had out there. I met/reintroduced myself to the Billands, met another volunteer (Brandie?) and even got a chance to say "hi" to our volunteer coordinator, Dana!
Now... I'm definitely going to owe a volunteer shift out at White Plains soon, after making a cameo with my fiancee and her mother (visiting from Taiwan) and getting to show off three of our regular seals: M&M, Benny and Kermit. My future mother-in-law was very happy to get the opportunity to see some of our Monk Seals in person, having only seen them in my photos before.
My first time photographing M&M and Benny, though I didn't get much to work with for M&M, due to the afternoon light and her facing away from it, but included one of her here too (and one of her in the background with Benny, plus the group shot on their own "private beach" at White plains).
Benny, though, got the full portrait package. I expect his mother will be ordering wallet sizes to send to all the relatives for the holidays. ;)
Felt great to get out, driving around the island again, and sorry for the late submission, but thought you might like a couple of these shots.
 Benny and MM
 Kermit little piece of the old skin left 
 Benny MM and Kermit.... oh and the rest of the world enjoying white plains beach

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