Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014 The Birth of a Hawaiian Monk Seal Starring 5AY aka Honey Girl

THANK YOU LESLEY for this AMAZING footage....
I don't know if a birth has been recorded quite like this before.... BUT what makes all of this so special it's a very well known Mama seal on Oahu 5AY aka Honey Girl who beat the odds last year and survived a serious injury.
Then we have her offspring La'akea & Kaikaina hanging out with Mama and 2014's first pup.... To have witnessed this..... awesome to record it and share it with the rest of us.... PRICELESS. Mahalo Lesley.

The video is a combo of the 3 days monitoring R5AY, the come and go of her daughters RK82 "La'akea" (b.2011) and RL54 "Kaikaina" (b.2012) till the birth of PO1.  Aloha, Lesley
The following pics were taken Friday & Saturday from Kimo and Diane. Thank you TEAM you all did GREAT.... Big Kudos Dana, Diane Kimo and of course Lesley.

WHO's yo momma?
 It's a family affair
 hello world
 love at it's finest


Victoria Sgro Konopka said...

Awesome photos! Thank you for posting. Makes us feel connected and honored to be apart of something so amazing.

madhatter said...

I agree, being over 4,000 miles away and being able to see this video and photos is priceless.
How special is the fact that mom's other daughters were there La'akea and Kaikaina to share with her,that has to be a first, isn't it?
Love the way they looked at each other, and when the pup put her flipper on mom.
Thank you for sharing and making others feel a part of this even through we are so far away. Can't wait to see pictures of this pup growing up. Honey Girl is so special and strong. She made a great recovery from her injury last year.