Saturday, December 7, 2013

12-7-2013 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn and I checked several spots on Mokuleia on our drive out this morning, but alas didn't find any seals. We then hiked out to KPt, where  we were joined by Ken & Kimo L.
Out there we had a seal "boys day".

As we arrived we found RW08 "Kerby" and RW02 on the Main Beach and RO40 "Ka'ena" in the water barking his voice away to the boys (seals) on the beach.

On the Back Beach RK36 Kauai "Kolohe" and RR70 "Rip" were sleeping high on the beach. We watched them move down to the waterline. RK36 Kauai "Kolohe" entered the water and swam around the point and into the Main Pool. RO40 "Ka'ena" voiced him off so he went towards the other 2, hauled out under their noses and gallumped up the beach to the little sand patch and went into deep sleep mode. He's  behavior is definitely a molting one.

On Back Beach, RR70 "Rip" didn't stay long on the waterline and gallumped his way back to mid beach and went to sleep.

RO40 "Ka'ena" was voicing every now and then from "his" reefs in the middle of the Main Pool.

RW08 "Kerby" and RW02 just hanged around on the pebble beach and near the waterline.

My "shot of the day" was of both of their flippers together with the W08 and W03 tags.

As we were leaving one of them entered the water and tried to get near RO40 "Ka'ena" and wasn't welcome. 

There were lots of visitors out at the point today and we all did a lot of outreach and Q&A.

On the non-seal side: after all the rain Ka'ena Pt is in bloom and beautiful. There's a lovely sweet fragrance all along the hike. Albatross are nesting everywhere (eggs have already been laid).

Unfortunately leftovers from last weekends parties (3 different locations) are still spread out everywhere.   
Aloha,  Lesley 
RK36 and Rip
 da boyz club... rk36, kerby, rw02 
 rip almost finished 
 Kerby and RW02 

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