Saturday, December 7, 2013

12-7-2013 DB's Dailies: RM38,Kaiwi&Duke@RI, Kea@Eternity Bch, Benny,Makaiwi&Buster@WP, U'ilani@Kewalos&AlaWai Yacht Harbor, RK36,RIP,Kerby,RW08&Ka'ena@KP, M&M@KCG, Haupu@NIM, Kermit@KR

At 0717 I found a 98% molted RM38, left of 1BS on Rabbit Island.
When I got back to Makai Pier at 1023 I found that M38 had moved down and was now in the company of Kaiwi (RK96). Both were fronting 1BS. Also at 1023 I found Duke (RA12) at the far left end of the beach.
At 1137 posse member Kimo called with the report of Kea (RN46) at Eternity Beach. He thought he had just arrived. He had not been there on earlier checks by both myself and Gayle. We cordoned him off . Kea departed at 1656.
At 0632 Team Billand reported overnighted Benny (RE74) between #1708 & Tower#2, and Buster (RV08)&Makaiwi(R4DF) at #1760. Buster would depart at 0654, but return to #1708 at 1733.
At 0635 the Billands advised that Linda had reported Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets.
At 0645 fisherman posse member Bob called to advise that U’ilani (RN36) was foraging in Kewalo Basin. He had called last night at 2115 with the same report. Dana checked in at 1444 with a report of U’ilani now just down the way a bit at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

Marilyn, Lesley, Ken&Kimo Lyman did the Ka’ena Pt trek today and reported a 90% molted RIP (RR70), an 80% molted Ka’ena, as well as RK36, Kerby (RW08) and RW02 at the end of the world.
At 1529 the Billands reported M&M (R020) at Kalaeloa Campgrounds, and Haupu (RB24) at the Nimitz Beach bunkers. They said that Diane Gabriel was with her.

At 1550 the Billands reported Kermit (R012) at Kermit’s Reef.

 Etermity Beach ... little Kea being surrounded by onlookers 
 Sweet little boy.... clueless what happening around him
 Kerby and RW02
 RK36 & Rip
 Benny and Buster ... having it out
 and it begins
 Benny molting
 oops.... dogs on the loose
 he's on a mission
 ah ha !!! Maka'iwi mission
 Our girl is almost cleaned up
 sorry but i just want to peel that piece from her face
 future seal protector... learning from gramps
 Haupu RB24... belly looking.... ummm??

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