Monday, December 9, 2013

12-9-2013 Lesley & Diane go looking for Irma and R5AY

Diane G & I combed the Windward side today looking for "Da Girls" R5AY, R010 "Irma" and the kids, alas they were all MIA.

We checked from Kualoa to Punalu'u from the car, then from there the stop-get-out-of-car-check/hike-

On our way back, we checked many seal trails on Elbow Beach/TBR, showing that probably more than one seal had been around. We could see the haul out and gallump back to the water high tide line ones

As we were heading back, we saw from Elbow Beach a familiar shape down TBR main beach. We reached the location 20 minutes after. There we found a beautiful R016 "Right Spot". Back to familiar grounds after her molting on the Mokes and rest on the Kaneohe Base.
Calls were made to ask the security to please, bring signs down, since she was at the end of the reef break where many families bring small kids to play in the pools..

The strong rains we have had, have also played their magic at TBR. The wild flowers bloom are as pretty as the ones out at Ka'ena Pt. We saw 2 albatross playing along the waves on the outside reef breaks.  Aloha, Lesley 

 Right Spot resting quietly
I expect to see Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion coming singing over the hill

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