Saturday, December 28, 2013

12-28-2013 Lesley & Team Ka'ena Point Trek

Marylin, Ken, Kimo Lyman & I did KPt monitoring today.

Marilyn, Kimo and I first checked Birth Beach looking for RK36 Kauai "Kolohe" who was reported being there yesterday afternoon. There were several beds and trails but no seal. Late this afternoon a Hotline call reported  a seal at  "Right Spots Beach" @ TBR. As I went over the Q&A / Outreach we IDed the seal by his tag 4DJ = RK36 !!! The guy sure gets around.

As we approached the point we were greeted by curious mōlī or Laysan Albatross flying above us, in the fenced area the fields looked like they had been sprinkled with popcorn (aka: birds everywhere). The was a lot of action, beak clacking, social gatherings going on.

 Out on Main Beach / KPt we spotted RO40 "Ka'ena" and R912 "Nihoa" logging in the Main Pool. She was further out and he was on the central reef.

RW02 was sleeping up near the first row of naupaka , he woke up and decided to gallump further up and made it all the way up to the main path coming down from the towers.

We checked Hidden Beach and other coves and were not lucky in finding 58 "Luana" - she has been MIA for several days.

Earlier, as we hiked out to the point there were not many people around, as soon as the sun got higher groups of hikers came from both sides of the point. A lot of outreach was done today.

I nearly forgot to mention the whales.... we did see many, blowing, tail slapping and a breach or two.  Aloha, Lesley 

 RW02 I love when they park themselves in front of a sign

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