Thursday, December 12, 2013

12-12-2013 DB's Dailies: RM38,Kolohe,Aukai&UU@RI, Kea@LL, Buster,Benny,Makaiwi,Kermit@WP,Buster&EwaGirl@WSK, RI37&La'akea@TB, Haupu@Makaha, RK36&UU@Mokuleia

At 0708 I found a gang of 3 all snuggled into the Morning Glory, around the driftwood log, 40 ft left of 1BS, on Rabbit Island. Each would move down independently, but all remained in the group through the day. They were RM38, Kolohe (RW22) and though it took most of the day to get the ID, Aukai (RL12), thanks to her girdle bleach.
On a pan at 0942 I found a partially visible U/U behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach on RI. I was never able to see enough to make an ID.
The highlight of the day came at 1259 with a call from Gayle. I think "I hit the Jackpot" were her exact words. She had found Kea (RN46) on his first documented visity to the Lanai Lookout Cove on the right side of the Lookout. So far he has followed in the flipper steps of his older sister Kaiwi so I’ve been waiting for the day since he went out on his own. Today was da’ day ! Thank You Gayle !!!
At 0625 Team Billand reported Buster (RV08), an 80% molted Benny (RE74)& Makaiwi (R4DF) fronting #1708, White Plains. Buster was just in the process of departing.
At 1015 Lesley called with the report of an U/U at Turtle Bay. Later in the day, at 1346 she would call again with word that RI37 & La’akea (RK82) were at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay.
At 1030 Diane T called to advise that Benny was departing 1708 White Plains. The Billands would report his return, hauling out to Tower #1 at WP at 1240. At 1700 they advised that Benny had moved from T#1 back to #1708.
At 1126 Diane T reported Ewa Girl (RS00) at Wind Sock.
Team Billand called at 1222 to advise that Debbie had called them with the report of Haupu (RB24) at the Makaha Surfside Condos.
At 1345 Diane T called to advise that Kermit (R012) had hauled out to join Makaiwi at #1708, WP.
At 1435 Lesley called with a report of RK36 & an U/U with a "W0....something tag, in Mokuleia. Awaiting further word.

At 1615 Team Billand reported Buster (RV08) was now with Ewa Girl at Wind Sock

 M38, Kolohe Aukai 
 Kea at Lanai lookout 
 oh benny what a difference a day makes
 Buster and Ewa Girl
 Makaiwi and Benny
 maka'iwi looking good pretty girl 
 RB24 Haupu

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