Saturday, December 28, 2013

12-28-2013 DB's DAILIES: Aukai,Kainoa&UM@RI, Buster@SB, Kermit,Makaiwi,M&M,Benny@WP, Benny@CIP

It would be 0908 before I found the first critter. It would prove to be Buster (RV08) doing 10 minute dives at Blowhole. The ID was confirmed when he failed to come up for the next anticipated up. I began looking at Sandy Beach, and sure enough at 0936 I saw him beginning to haul out at the far east end. When I arrived there at 0940 I confirmed the ID and cordoned him off. He remains. Circumstantial though I might be I think this confirms Buster as yesterday’s U/M at Rabbit Island. Buster departed SB at 1759. Thank you Gayle !!
At 1030 on my 2nd look at Rabbit Island I found the same partially visible juvenile female I’d seen yesterday, behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach. It took several hours but I finally saw her N12 bleach. I thought I’d seen it yesterday but wasn’t certain.
At 1126 Kainoa (RN04) and an U/M hauled out together 40 ft left of 1BS, on RI. The U/M was a young animal with a new coat and 2 red tags. Unfortunately, he didn’t cooperated much in giving me anything to see, and most of his time was spent in "shake&bake" mode. Maybe tomorrow????
Team Billand called at 0642 with the report of Kermit (R012) fronting #1708, and Makaiwi (R4DF) at #1707. Kermit would depart at 0718 and return again to the same location at 1156.
Marilyn, Lesley, Kimo L. &Ken did the Ka’ena Point trek today. They reported RW02 high on the beach , with Ka’ena (RO40) & R912 at the main pool.
At 1058 Team Billand found Ewa Girl (RS00) at Wind Sock.
At 1436 they reported that M&M had hauled out to join Makaiwi at #1707, WP.

At 1534 the Billands found Benny (RE74) at Palm Grove, Campbell Industrial Park.

 Buster... and some tracks... 
 Kainoa and U/M 
 Ka'ena and R912
Benny at Campbells
 Ewa Girl taking a dunk at Wind sock
 Kermit peeling away
 MM Maka'iwi and Kermit
 Miss MM
 awww she's blowing you a kiss.... goodnight Maka'iwi

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