Sunday, December 29, 2013

12-29-2013 DB's Dailies:Aukai@RI, U/U@BH, Kea@Eternity Beach, Benny,Makaiwi,Kermit,M&M@WP, Ewa Girl@RR

At 0714 I found what I believed to be Buster foraging at Blowhole. At 1019 with better lighting it became clear that this was not Buster. I have no clue who it is, but thankfully there are excellent markers, so Tracy can provide some insight. If anyone recognizes the markers let me know.
On my 4th look at Eternity Beach, at 0928 I found Kea (RN46) on the beach below. I cordoned him off and he remains. Kea was still there when I departed in the dark.
At 1205 I found what proved to be Aukai (RL12), 60 ft right of 3BS on Rabbit Island.
Team Billand checked in at 0700 with the report of Benny (RE74) & Makaiwi (R4DF) at #1707, and Kermit (R012) at #1708, White Plains.
At 0917 they reported the arrival of M&M (R020) to Tower#2 , WP.

At 1400 they advised that Eileen had called with the report of Ewa Girl (RS00) at the Reef Runway.

 U/U by Blowhole 
 Benny Maka'iwi Kermit and MM
 Team Billand and the Crofts !

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