Wednesday, December 25, 2013

12-24-2013 Posted Late: Team Billand

Kermit and Makaiwi
Plains Kermit at his space 1708  Makaiwi @1707  7am
Found both seals in separate bedrooms today.  Kermit now at Plains 6 days in a row...and we never saw Buster today at all.
Kermit was at his bush high up shore for the night. Makaiwi was gone.
7:30pm Returned after our family gathering and took all ropes down for the night.

Plains 1708 7:30pm
Benny was a surprise for us...we went to take all ropes down after our party and almost stepped on BENNY RE74, sleeping in the footpath. No photo...didnt want to disturb him at all. HE is still sleeping at the fence at 1708 and footpath.

Haupu RB24

Maili Nanakai Beach 2:45pm
Got a call from a friend, seal on shore. Got to site, it was a chubby HAUPU RB24. She was higher up but two ladies spooked her as they were cruising the beach and didnt know she was there. She just moved to the rocks and went back to sleep. We didnt place any signs...we couldnt stay.  NO one there, ladies went home.

NOTE: Got a nice call from Mary Francis Miyashiro, ASKING IF I FOUND HAUPU LATELY..NO I said.
Well, Haupu was found later today, I called Mary Francis to report the find...she was pleased she is OK.

Kermit Molting Away
 open wide... look may no cavities 
 Haupu RB24

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