Thursday, December 5, 2013

12-5-2013 Lesley catches up with Kaikaina

I had a NSOEC meeting this morning @ TBR so I went out early to look for the girls before it.

RL54 "Kaikaina" was sleeping in the middle of Elbow Beach / TBR, she must have hauled out at high tide cause there were no trails up to where she was. 

The foot prints around her seemed to have been there before she got there.

She has a new, but already healing, scar on her right shoulder, and several scratches on her back that may disappear with her molt. She already has the raccoon eyes

I walked out past 2nd beach to ~ Marconi Rd, but didn't see the others.

Wonder where RT10 "Ua'Malie" & R5AY have been hauling out ?

RL54 Kaikaina
 oops her new scar
 This is Luana and I think she was spotted on the 5th although her pic was dated the 5th, anyway she's here!

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