Saturday, December 14, 2013

12-14-2013 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek What a seal of a day !

 What a seal of a day !
Marilyn, Ken, Kimo L. and I did Ka'ena Pt monitoring from Mokuleia side.

First Marilyn & I stopped by "Kimo's" to check on an overnighted RK36 "Kauai Kolohe" as per previous reports from Kimo L. RK36 has started his molt 2 days ago in the same location. He's ~40% molted

When we came back from the hike he had moved towards Camp Erdman side - probably due to too many people on the beach today. Kimo & I did some outreach & Q&A with beach goers in the area - all were very relieved to know who he was and that he was doing very well although molting.

Surf was big today, the shoreline all the way out to the point had been washed at high tide and still was by the bigger set of waves.

At the point we found RR70 "Rip" and RN58 "Luana" up high near the big rock on the Back Beach. RN 58 "Luana" took the lead followed by RR70 "Rip" to the Main Beach and down to the waterline. She is a teaser and didn't stop acting around RR70 "Rip" that was very gentle and never took his eyes off her.

On the back Beach RO40 "Ka'ena" was down near the waterline - every now and then a bigger set of waves would make him move around but he stayed in the same place the hole time we were out there. The wound on his neck seems to be healing fast.

On the Main Beach, RW08 "Kerby" and RW02 were first in shallow water, then they hauled out on mid pebble beach. They were sleeping while RN58 "Luana" and RR70 "Rip" were doing their crossing then playing in the water. They were washed out a couple of times to the Westside of the point, all the time playing. RR70 "Rip" was first to make his way around and into the Main Pool going in a bee line to where the other boys were. RN58 "Luana" took a little longer to make it into the Main Pool being washed back out several times by the backwash waves. When she did finally make it trouble began.

She made her way towards the 3 boys, RW08 "Kerby" turned his body towards the pool and just watched things unfold. RW02 dared to enter the pool, RR70 "Rip" put himself between RN58 "Luana" and him. They had words several times. As soon as they would calm down, little rascal would make her way around towards them and voicing & splashing would start all over again. This went on for the longest time - sometimes we couldn't even tell who-was-who.

Finally RN58 "Luana" let herself be taken out of the Main Pool by backwash and out she went. We watched her for some time then lost her in big waves and white wash.

By then RW08 had joined the other 2 in the pool, that was when we started getting ready to leave. We couldn't tell who was who - at one point they all made it towards the exit of the pool but we didn't see if they actually did go out.

The visitors to the point today had REAL entertainment. Every step of their hike out was worth it, as well as ours.

A lot of outreach was done, Ken is a real trooper and took the lead on most of them - MAHALO Ken    
Aloha,    Lesley

 A lot of action shots ahead.... what an exciting day out at Ka'ena Point today!
RK36 (Kauai Kolohe)
 RN58 Luana star of the day... as you will see
 Ro'40 Ka'ena 
 Rip, Luana and RW02
 Rip and Luana
Rip and RW02 
 Rip and Luana
 Kerby Rip and Luana
 Kerby Rip and RW02

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