Friday, December 27, 2013

FYI Sighting on Moku Nui Island (12-27-2013)

Aloha Good People

I was told this afternoon there was a seal on Moku Nui Island .... it was an adult, thin and didn't look like there were any tags... HOWEVER, the I didn't receive any photos by days end... I am hoping to something tomorrow.  Also this was called into the hotline today too.... so I am sure they are awaiting photos as well.

I want to acknowledge the couple of people who have been asking about Irma.... there hasn't been any Irma sighting as of late... and I admit I am a bit worried about her too.... but it isn't unusual for Irma or any of the seals to take off for a bit and then return.  In the meantime we'll keep our fingers crossed she is somewhere safe getting plenty to eat and is back to her normal weight.

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