Saturday, December 21, 2013

12-21-2013 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn, Kimo L. and I did Ka'ena Pt monitoring today.

As soon as we arrived @ Mokuleia, Kimo told us RK36 Kauai "Kolohe" was down the beach from his house. We checked him out and confirmed ID. He's very handsome in his new coat.  On our way back in the afternoon we stopped by again. Trails "told" us that he had gone down to the waterline to refresh and made it back up to mid beach.

We saw trails @ Hidden Beach but no seals either hiking in or out from the point.

Out at the point we found RR70 "Rip" on Back Beach moving up and down from waterline - bigger series of waves would wet him and he'd move back up a little.

On the Main Beach, RO40 "Ka'ena" and RW02 were on the pebble beach. RO40 "Ka'ena" moved into the water, while RW02 observed from his spot. It took us a while to confirm his ID due to position.

We also spotted R912 "Nihoa" rolling in shallow waters in front of her pool.

I found the Brown Booby struggling on some reefs, picked him up and brought him up the beach. Kimo L. and I checked for broken bones or injuries and didn't detect any. We then put him in a safer and dryer place.

There were many visitors today and we spent a lot of time doing outreach and Q&A. Most of the visitors thanked us for what we do and wished us Happy Holidays. 

May we here extend them to all of you: volunteers, posses, "Da Prez" (aka DaBlogLady), Dana, NOAA team, TMMC team, MSF and all organizations that have been there for the HMS & us..  
And WE would like to thank you too Lesley!  You have covered a lot of ground this past year... and I know you are ALWAYS available when needed.  BIG Mahalo to you!

Special thank you to my hiking and monitoring partners' during this past year: Marilyn Dunlap, Diane Gabriel, Ken Tingman, Tia and Kimo Lyman. You have been such great troopers.     Best wishes and Aloha, Lesley  

 R912 Nihoa 
 Belly looking pretty ROUND
 RK36 "Kauai Kolohe" 
 Ka'ena and RW02
 rip RO40

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