Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-31-2013 DB Dailies

At 0827 Marilyn called with the report of Kea (RN46) doing 10 minute dives at Spitting Cave.
At 1517 Gayle called to advise that she had found Kea at Lanai Lookout Cove.
At 1643 posse member Linda called to report Rocky (RH58) in her backyard at the Kokee Flats. When we arrived at 1700 we confirmed the Rocky ID.
At 0650 Team Billand reported Makaiwi (R4DF) at #1707, White Plains.
At 0754 they added Buster (RV08) at #1708 to their WP cast.
At 0915 Kermit (R012) arrived, joining Makaiwi at #1707.
At 1431 Team Billand found Kerby (RW08) at Maili Point.
Team Billand reported Ewa Girl (RS00) at Wind Sock at 1830.
A Very Happy New Year to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gayle and Kea
 Marilyn and Kea
 guess who
  Buster rolling in White Plains
 Haupu white plains
 Kermit and Maka'iwi
 Looking good Kermit
 Maka'iwi looking beautiful
 Rocky at Kokee Flats
 Kerby at Maili

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