Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25/2014 DB Dailies: Kea@SB, Buster@BH, Kainoa@RI, Pohaku&Benny@Nanakuli, Kolohe@GR, Nihoa@LahiLahi, La'akea@TB

At 0610 I found an overnighted Kea (RN46) right where he was last night at the east end of Sandy Beach, at the top of the outfall. Midday he would move down on to the concrete, and move back up with the rising tide.

 At 0727 I found Kainoa (RN04) just arriving to the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. When I got back at 0926 he had moved down to the beach front incline where he remained.

 At 1717 I found Buster (RV08) doing 6 minute dives at Blowhole.

 Yesterday I said that Ken Tingman had found a new animal R8HE on the way out from his Ka’ena Point trek, but I neglected to include his shots. I suppose that is just as well, because much of today was spent finding out just who this little girl was. Since I thought I’d seen a “V” bleach, I wrote to Val on Kauai looking for help. She wrote back this morning with a forward from Jamie on Kauai, saying that this juvenile female had been seen behind the airport on 4-11-14. She had received a “V11" bleach, and got her R8HE/F tags. 

Tracy checked in this morning with mail stating that in fact she had been seen on Oahu first, back on 2-25/27-14, at Ka’ena Point, and had been given a Temp#400 designation. When I checked my “” photo file, lo and behold I found shots from Kimo Smith on those dates, some along side Luana. She was naturally untagged at that time, and a cute little thing. Thanks to all who participated in solving the mystery.

 At 0625 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at Depots Beach, Nanakuli. Thanks to Debbie, Carrie & Christian.

 At 0839 Cianna called to advise that she’d gotten a Hotline call about an animal in Maili. The Billands would confirm the Kolohe (RW22) ID at Guard Rails. He was gone at 1256.

 At 1123 the Billands found Nihoa (R912) at Lahi Lahi, Makaha.

 Ocean Safety called with the report of an animal at Tower#1, Nanakuli at 1117. At 1215 the Billands confirmed the Benny (RE74).

 Diane Gabriel & Karen Turner did the Turtle Bay trek and found La’akea (RK82) on Kaihalulu Beach at Right Spot’s Spot.

 In parting a big Happy 2nd Birthday to Kaikaina (RL54).!!!!

 La'akea at Turtle Bay
 haaa she's doing an exfoliating mask treatment
 Missing from yesterday dailies.... R8HE such a cutie 
 Benny at Nanakuli
 Kolohe at Guard Rails
 Nihoa R912 at LahiLahi Point
 Pohaku at Nanakuli
 funny when they get their new coats they look so young..... wish I could molt and look younger each year

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