Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/5/2014 Team Billand

Kolohe and Nihoa
 Rip and Pohaku

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barbara said...

Last night, two people harassed M and M around 7:30pm.

Rob walked up to them in the dark, they had no idea, we were still...out there watching. Protecting M.

The guy had a light, he shined it on M, the lady had her camera ready, LIGHT ON M, ACTION. Poor M jumped about, leaping, turning her head at the couple. Barking at them.

We let em have it..they apologized, The lady with dog tags around her neck..MILITARY???? Shame on these two..why did they do this? Because they can..and put the EXCELLENT FOOTAGE ON...FACEBOOK. Shame on them.

They left immediately, we watched them LEAVE. M settled down.

It sickens me to watch this kind of crap going on...and I am glad we talked to those people. THE ONLY TWO FOLKS ON THE BEACH.

And if M is going to Molt, then we all need to keep her safe. We all need to chip in the late watch, till people LEAVE. She isnt safe out seal is at Plains...after dark.