Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/11/2014 Team Billand

Benny at white plains... ( insert humor)  when are these seals going to learn to stay away from the swimmers...
 Really Benny.... now you're heading up the beach practically on top of these people... geesh will these seals every learn???  
 NO! They won't because this is where they live... good going Benny
 MM  you better put some sunblock on that new skin!
 Rip and Pohaku

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barbara said...

Oh and we also found Kolohe at Maili yesterday, sleeping all alone on the rocks. He was in peace...no dogs to chase him, no human bothering him...nice to see that for a change.

Hi Robin...the seal i was trying to ID was BENNY RE74. I kept going after you stopped at Kalaeloa. He almost hauled out at Nimitz Cove, but decided to move on. Passing all those fishermen with POLES IN THE WATER.

I got nervous when one pole started to move up and down..Benny made it through ok. I kept going to see, where he was headed..and then...there were two rot rielers, big ones on shore with the owners. THats when I stopped, I just observed..hoping the dogs wouldnt see BENNY.

He was good, Benny just kept going towards Campbells. He was SAFE.

I dont know what those men wanted out at Kalaeloa area..what were they yelling at ME FOR??? DId they bother you at all??? Hmmm. I just kept going with .. Benny. I admire his STRENGTHS. I wish I had his ATTITUDE...He is a magnificent animal with a lot of history and incidents. He will molt soon...I hope its with US, we will defend his space.