Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22/2014 DB's Dailies:

At 0746 I found an over nighted T990 at his same AD estuary location. He repositioned 3 times while I was there, and remained.

 At 0959, from Makai Pier I found RK36 at the left end of Rabbit Island. I saw but could not get a decent shot of his right side scar behind his RFF. On two separate occasions I also saw his red tag on his RHF as well as his uniquely notched LHF.

 It would be 1419 before I finally saw Buster (RV08). He was doing 6 minute dives at Blowhole. I watched him swim the Blowhole end of Sandy Beach, and haul out. I cordoned him off at 1530. He was antsy right from the start, and at 1559 departed of his own volition. I relocated back to Blowhole and sure enough, found his back to 6 minute dives at 1612.

 At 0650 Team Billand reported an over nighted Pohaku (RO28) at Nanakuli. She 100% new & improved. To all who had to suffer the attitudes of the beach goers today, my heart goes out to you all. Sad !!! Diane Gabriel was on the job at 1250, and captured the arrival of Benny (RE74) joining Pohaku.

 At 0719 the Billands reported an overnighted M&M (R020) at the showers , White Plains. She would depart at0950.

 Dana checked in at 1646 to advise that RI37 had been at 3 Tables, on the North Shore today. Thank you Don.
Buster at blow hole
 Buster at Sandys
 RK36 at Rabbit Island 
 T990 at alan davis 
MM @white plains

 hello there!
 no need to be rude
 get away your bugging me kid
 Meanwhile Benny finds Pohaku in Nanakuli 
 Pohaku showing off her new coat
 I know that woman!
 someone is behind me... i know there's someone behind me
 hey dude bug off.... i was here first

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barbara said...

For years we been going out to Nanakuli, some times its good and some times its BAD. TODAY was terrible with many boys who just dont get STAY AWAY FROM THE SEALS.

Miss Pohaku plopped her beautiful 100% molted body at Depots..a small pretty beach that was buzzing with boys who wanted to have FUN in the SURF. THAT SURF WAS DANGEROUS..but the boys of Nanakuli were there, and so was Miss Pohaku.

Our thanks to Robert, Diane Gabriel, Dana, Terry and Laurie D for sticking it out, at DEPOTS. It was rough, hot and tuff trying to keep folks away from Miss Pohaku. Yet the seal remained on high ground, watching THE BOYS and watching out for her BUTT as well.

Diane G. had some terrible things said to her, I am sorry MIss DIANE. YOU DIDNT DESERVE NONE OF THOSE REMARKS. BUT...thanks for being out there ALONE..trying to protect our molted seal.

Rob and I tried to talk to THE they are TUFF. THEY GOT ATTITUDE...

One boy sat right down next to Pohaku, she postured, looked at the boy putting his swim fins on. What if she were to leap and bite that kid??? Well, that didnt happen and Pohaku did bark at the kid..who would finally moved .

One boy more than, 12 years of age.."I want to shoot that seal, then kill it, then I would EAT IT". WHAT ???? WHAT DID YOU SAY?? He repeated..oh my...why, why would you even say that?? SHe is sleeping, not bothering you at all?

Most of the boys that came all yelled out ERR ERR like a seal lion. We told them, HEY, the seal dont make that noise..that is a seal lion sound.. THIS IS A HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL. Hear any noise coming from her????

Thanks to Terri too who had a GRO PRO guy out there filming close to seal. She said she had to keep informing him..KEEP BACK OF SEAL.

I dont know what happened with Miss Laurie D...I hope it went better for her.

So I guess Miss Pohaku will be in another spot in Nanakuli in the morning...just hope we find her fast, to educate.

OH NO, WEEKEND!! That means fishermen will be lined up with tons of poles again. YIPES.

Pohaku, girl, you need to move out of Nanakuli sweet heart...Where is it safe for any seal these days?

Its like our seals got no home..and they understand to move on..again and again.

And thanks Diane for the one photo of the visiting seal...DA BENNY. He took off before we got there, too bad Miss Pohaku didnt go with him. He knew that was not the beach to PARK AT.

Miss M and M was out at Plains for day 23..and left at 9:48am..We went back at 4:30pm waiting for her 5pm. Well we did see her coming, but, she never hauled up. Just as well...too many people,SURF WAS GREAT...

We gave up looking for Miss M at 6PM...we get to go home early.

MAN THERE WAS A MASSIVE BRUSH FIRE at Makakilo, high up in the mountains. My heart goes out to all those people who live all the critters in the trees and bushes..hope that fire gets put out...ITS HUGE.