Monday, August 11, 2014

8/10/2014 Team Billand

Kolohe at Maili

 MM at white plains
 that has to feel good.... 
 guess it was a zoo out there today.... hope she gets through her molt soon

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barbara said...

I asked the Life guard, HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE OUT HERE AT PLAINS? He looked at me, said, well over 1,500 folks was a sea of humans and one Endangered Monk Seal..M & M.

Yesterday Morning, we eagerly ran up to the site at Plains...NO SEAL..FOOTPRINTS NEAR SEALS IMPRESSION on sand. DAM!! After 8 long days of watching out for her..SHE WAS GONE. We began hunting for her and we did manage to find her foraging off shore. This monitoring took from 7am to 10am.

She was seen coming into shore at the cabins..near I ran all the way to the area, Rob got the car...BRANDI APANA arrived as well.

M came in over the reef area, layed there, resting. We were grateful she was there, no people passing like PLAINS. We talked to the surfers renting the cabin, they see us for years, trying to help the seals out. So they knew not to mess with the seal..Brandi was gonna stay to keep watch and educate.

SUDDENLY..M made two poops that was so bright yellow, then off she went going to PLAINS..I followed by foot, Brandi and Rob by car.

Sadly, too many people at the beach..M kept staying off shore, NOT LANDING. I wonder what made her ansi..why dont she haul in. SHE IS MOLTING..she needs to rest.

11:30am WE LEFT..BRANDI TO MONITOR M's where abouts. Well, M never hauled in, Brandi left at 1pm.

2pm Lifeguards called..Seal landed at Tower 2..I asked them to rope her off and they did.

3:15pm Got to Plains..holy crap the crowd was even LARGER. A man was hit in the face, his jaw was so big and swollen, like he broke a bone or something..guards gave him an ice pack.

There was M and M just a few feet from the signs and ropes. ROb and I got folks further back, all were good and understood, THE SEAL NEEDS ITS SPACE. THANK HEAVENS.

We stayed till everyone LEFT PLAINS..THE MOON WAS SUPER HUGE and beautiful..Now M was safe, in peace..Rob and I collected the M a safe night. She looked so peaceful in the moonlit night.

7:45pm We left Plains...HOLY CRAP WHAT A DAY AT THE BEACH.

Oh and our only other find was Kolohe in maili. He was gone on our afternoon check. SO MANY PEOPLE at the BEACH.

I want to make one last comment..DOGS are being a BIG ISSUE with our seals..ONE DEAD FROM A DOG BITE..Benny attacked today..Our seals are poor victims of DOGS, MORE AND MORE. WE need to do something here..FIGHT FOR NO DOGS ON A BEACH...TO PROTECT OUR SEALS..Please.

HELP OUR SEALS, be their voice!!!