Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/31/2014 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,Duke&Nani@RI, Kaiwi@LL, U/U@SB, Pohaku@Nanakuli, Kolohe@Maili Pt, U?U@MI

At 0734 from Makai Pier I found Kainoa (RN04) at 1BS on Rabbit Island. At 0815 Nani (RK60) & Duke (RA12) moved into my line of sight from further back on the far left end beach of RI. All 3 would remain the rest of the day.

 At 1327 Melanie called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at Buster Flats, Lanai Lookout. I also checked her at 1418.

 I’m sure the 6 o’clock news will tell us what happened on the roadway out this way. All I know for sure is that the road was closed at the traffic light at Irma’s. The highway and shoulders became a parking lot. That was significant to the Monk Seal world because Dana called at 1340 advising that a caller had reported a “swimming head” , around Irma’s, and heading toward Sandy Beach. I managed to get around the gridlock taking Irma’s backroads, and as I was doing that SB posse member Jeff called to advise that an animal was trying to haul out at the east end, however the tons of adoring hordes would not allow it.
The animal departed just prior to my arrival. The same scenario plays out every single day of late at SB. I went to Blowhole Lookout for an overview but it was gridlock again. I got a quick look at the west end of SB and saw nothing. I could not go back the SB direction, I headed toward the back way through Hawaii Kai. SB lifeguard posse member Billy called at 1433 to advise that the animal had attempted an east end haul out again, with the same results. Ain’t long weekends grrrrreat ????

 At 0642 Team Billand called with the report of Pohaku (RO28) a Nanakuli. Their shots of her amongst the forest of fishing poles says it all. She departed at 1810.

 At 1300 they found Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point. Ocean Safety called me at 1425 with the report of an animal at Magic Island. I notified Dana , who as of 1600 was awaiting further word.

 Gary Langley sent shots of RN44 & Pohaku’s boy RF28 on Kauai.

 Duke and Nani!!
 some curious on lookers.... just a wee bit too close people!!!
 Kaiwi my she's looking fat... must have had a good dinner
 From Kauai - Pohaku's boy! and RN44 _ Thank you Gary !!!
Kolohe at Maili
 Pohaku at Nanakuli 
 ahhh can't a girl get any rest
 Is this a new kind of SPZ ?  

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barbara said...

Our thanks to JOHN and Frank, two very respectable fishermen, were understanding about the seal that came up in early morning to their SURPRISE!!!

Our thanks to Brandi, Shelly and Debbie for the watch. You are all so very appreciated...Pohaku had a nice uninterrupted Sleep. She was a PRINCESS amongst all those poles.

Pohaku was lucky these guys were good guys. But I sure hope she doesnt land at Depots today..Hear me girl???? I wonder how come Kolohe doesnt see her...smell her in Nanakuli..she needs a male to get her out of there.

We were blessed yesterday..we are all grateful and sooooo relieved.

John and Frank had the BEST STORIES about fishing in Nanakuli. And they even helped a turtle entangled...thanks guys.