Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/20/2014 DB's Dailies: Duke@RI, Buster@BH&SB, Kaiwi@LL, M&M,RIP@WP, Pohaku@Maili, Noa&RM38@Molokai

At 0711 I found Duke (RA12), snoozin’ 40 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. He would enter the water at 0932, and proceed to do multiple cruiser male checks of the beach front, before hauling out to exactly the same location at 1041.

 I had not seen Buster on my morning checks of Blowhole, however he has me trained to go to Blowhole around noon, for his semi regular Sandy Beach haul out. From Blowhole at 1206 I spied him in the shallows at the Blowhole end of SB. He checked it out and swam out. Based on his usual behavior I hung in there waiting to see if he would check the east end. Sure enough at 1214 there he was checkin’ the beach from the shallows. He did not haul out, and swam out. I lost him, but decided to stay at BH to see if he would return to forage. He did not. I gave up after an hour & a half.

At 1419 a posse member called reporting an animal hauling out to the east end, however a minute later she called again to advise that it did not haul out and was headed west. I went to Blowhole and sure enough at 1422 there was Buster resuming his 7 minute dives. I hung out until 1600.

 On an 1815 check from Blowhole I found Buster amongst water front rocks at the Blowhole end of SB. There was only a mom and small child in the area. Buster would depart at 1837.

 Gayle advised that Kaiwi (RK96) was once again at Buster Flats, Lanai Lookout. Thank you Gayle!

 Team Billand called at 0604 with word of an overnighted Pohaku (RO28) in Maili. Her molt appears to be a conservative 65%. She moved up to higher ground for the night.

 At 0652 the Billands found an overnighted M&M (R020) fronting Tower#2 , White Plains. She would depart at 0945.

 Diane T had called at 0817 to advise that she’d been chasin’ an animal between Lani’s and Paradise Cove, but had not been able to arrive in time to confirm an ID .

 At 0915 Eileen contacted the Billands to advise that she had found U’ilani (RN36), and older brother Kekoa (RK72) together at the Reef Runway.

 At 1153 Team Billand received word from lifeguards of the arrival of an animal fronting #1706, WP. The Billands confirmed the RIP ID at 1213. RIP found a convenient hole and climbed right in. He would depart at 1425. Mahalos to Diane T, and Carrie.

 Diane Pike mail brought word of today’s trek on Molokai. Of special interest was her find of long lost Oahu boy , Noa (R6FI), who was a KP regular until he packed his bags on day and went off to Molokai, having first been seen there on 4-19-13. He is still the same cute little dude. She also sent shots of RI regular RM38, who is over there more than here nowadays. He documented a healed line scar on his posterior, left side. As always thank you Diane !

 Received late word of an U/U at White Plains, at 1740. Awaiting further word.

 Buster at blow hole
  Kaiwi at Lanaio Lookout
Noa on Molokai
 such a little darling!
 laughing?   crying?  coughing? 
 molt is moving right along
 Rip at white plains
hmmm  look a bed
 yup just made for me

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