Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/19/2014 And The Rest Of The Story

Here's Pohaku going to pieces in Maili.... she moved from Nanakuli to this new spot... let's hope her molt is quick and she moved on.Thank you Team Billand
 photos sent in from homeowner who discovered he at 2 am
MM at white plains
 and thank you Diane T for hanging out with MM and sharing your photos
 hmmm Tuesday back to school?  guess there's a lot of home schooling going on


barbara said...

People with GRO PROS are becoming a problem at Plains. A person will stay IN THE WATER WITH THE SEAL..FILMING.

And there is another problem coming to Plains...DRONES. THEY ARE SUPER COOL, but I can see a problem ahead .

We see them all the time now at Plains. Yesterday some men came over with the drone to take photos, and they let a KID do the drone. If it came close to the seal, I was going to COMPLAIN.

When Irma was with Benny or Kermit months ago at Plains, the DRONE was hovering over them. I could hear the noise, THE SEALS HEARED IT TOO, LEFT SITE. The man came up to me..DID I SCARE THE SEALS??? YEP...YA DID.

SO GRO PROS and careful with our seals...PLEASE. BUT I guess the movie was super cool, gives a new look to observing things from the sky. I want one...

barbara said...

Oh and Kolohe was at Maili Guard Rails, snoozing away.

A dog came by, he saw Kolohe, I tried to stop the dogs interest. I shooshed it away, it ran to the highway, I heard the horn blaring from a semi...I was scared to death. BUT..the dog came right back, shook up but ok. I then called it out, it followed me, I saw a lady on a bike, asked if it was her dog...I was afraid it would get runned over...the lady called the dog, she picked it up and took the dog with her.

YIPPEEE...I hope she keeps it. I was just trying to protect the seal, and keep the dog away. I never meant it to run in the road. I felt awful...but the story ended .... well. Phew.

And I thank PRICILLA of Maili for telling us of Pohaku at her front beach home from 2am. God bless her.

Now I am so happy, Pohaku moved out of Nanakuli...but where will she be this morning???? I hope its at the lady's place again.

Her molt is 25% or more..I was shocked to see that. Pohaku is ok, for now. YEAH.......