Monday, August 4, 2014

8/3/2014 DB's Dailies:

The day began at 0550 with a check of Irma’s. T990 was gone. I picked up the signs and continued the adventure.

At 0730 I found Kainoa (RN04) snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, 40 ft left of 1BS. He would later move down allowing the ID, and at 0915 would enter the water. His molt is 70%.

 Marilyn called at 0753 with the report of an U/U doing 7-9 minute dives at Blowhole. My dollar is on Buster but ????

 At 0848 on a pan I found Aukai (RL12) just hauling out the far left end of Rabbit Island.

At 0916 Kainoa would haul out to join her. After some interaction they would both enter the water , only haul out together 80 ft right of 3BS at 1105, where they remained the rest of the day.

 When Marilyn checked China Walls at 0853 the surf was too big to make the check, however she asked to surfers to give her a thumbs up if there was somebody at the CW spot. She got the thumbs up. At 1321 Melanie did the check from a higher perch, and confirmed the Kaiwi (RK96) ID.

 Lesley called with a Hotline report at1450 about an animal at Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 1457 I spoke with the caller as well as others, all of whom confirmed that there had been an animal that had come ...looked , and left. Nobody could provide further info.

 At 1609 Ocean Safety called with the report of an U/U at the Blowhole end of Sandy Beach. Owing to the impossibility of finding any place to park at either SB or BH, it had to be a team Whisperer response. I dropped Marilyn off at Sbwhile I attempted to find parking. Marilyn reported that witnesses said that an animal had attempted to haul out but as usual the adoring horde camera owners would not allow it. After picking Marilyn up at SB we went to BH. Again the parking situation on a weekend is a crime against humanity, so I dropped Marilyn off while at drove in circles. She reported nobody visible at SB, but did see an animal (Buster ???) doing foraging dives at Blowhole. There is zero doubt in my mind that the last two paragraphs are connected but ?????

 At 0625 Team Billand reported RK36 at Maili Point. He was gone on the 1213 recheck.

At 0656 the Billands reported M&M (R020) fronting #1708, White Plains. Thanks to surfer George and Jean for the assistance. and Angel too... see more on White Plains post.

 At 0940 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28)&RIP (RR70) at Nanakuli Beach Park. Mahalos to Brandi for dealing with th dredges of our society, on the front lines.

 At 1053 Team Billand found Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Guard Rails. He would later relocate to Maili Point, at 1213.

 At 1045 posse member Jean, on WP duty, reported the arrival of what would prove to be Benny (RE74) at 1045.

The Billands confirmed the Benny ID. Per Diane T, Benny would depart at 1523.
Kainoa and Aukai
Pohaku and Rip
Benny is back in town... here he is with MM
 Benny boy
 Miss MM


Barbara said...

Day began at 6am with Kolohe from Kauai at Maili alone on rocks.

Next stop Plains for the usual find of Miss M and M. This time guarded by George, a surfer that has taken an interest in our seals and sees us out there trying to keep folks away from her. Well, he took a watch for us at 5am with M. And 1708 renters also took a watch the entire time they were in the cabins..THANKS TO THEM.

Jean was the next volunteer from 10 to 1pm. And she was the volunteer who spots BENNY. She made the id, of which we were just talking about the other day. THAT, BENNY hasnt been around and is due. And Jean also stated she had a dream of Benny..TA DAAA..there he came up to her at 10:45am.

We went to Nanakuli for two animals that hauled up. Got there, tons of folks, camping, swimming, and there were: Pohaku and Rip laying next to each other, RIP making advances to her. I set up the ropes the lifeguard brought. They already had the signs up. ROpe was perfect, just made the entire zone.

Next Volunteer Brandi Apana was lost, she would take the next watch for us..Gave her the directions and she finally got to site. I told her this was a tuff spot, to be careful, if anything..Leave. Gave her a briefing of the two animals.

Brandi had some problems with idiots, DNLR was called and things were better she said. I heard Terry would go out there...Next.

Made a stop at Maili and found Oahu Kolohe, looking for a chick..he looked magnificent.

Got to Maili Pt, Kolohe from Kauai was gone and guess what..Kolohe from Oahu RW22 relocated to this area..SURPRISE.

Next stop: Plains..Jean busy with idiots in zone. She left, next came poor DIANE T. We helped her out, the crowd just insane. By 2:30pm we had left, Diane to man the fort ALONE. She called us to say Benny left at 3:20pm.

Nest Volunteer would be ANGEL from 4pm. Dont know what happened after that at Plains.

AFTER LUNCH AT 3PM..took a drive other animals found.

The beaches were crazy insane with HUMANS. So glad, SUMMER IS DONE and School is IN.

Brandi said...

I love reading the blog and seeing the photos of the seals because I have worked on the beach with some of them, others I know only by name.
I was however, dismayed by a comment regarding the Nanakuli Beach goers "the dregs of society" and feel compelled to speak up.
I was on my usual Sunday morning shift, but I haven't been there before and did get lost. There were a ton of people as there were canoe races going on.
I was greeted very warmly by one of the women in the canoe club who let me park my car next to the canoe house (there was no parking for a long ways) greeted me with a kiss, welcomed me to Nanakuli and invited me for lunch after my shift.
I got down on the beach and it was very quiet except for the occasional child who would come up and ooh and ahh and ask questions. That is always the fun part. There was a woman in the water on the other side of the SPZ in the water with her keikis and she was making sure that people were aware of the monk seals and the SPZ. I never got a chance to thank her, but she was a lifesaver. Around 12, the canoes began to come in and it was momentarily chaotic. Pohaku and RIP were right next to where the canoes came up on the beach. People were on the beach, cheering the paddlers on, and others greeting to help bring the canoes on shore. The paddlers were very respectful, going an extra distance to avoid the SPZ in the water and they were oohing and aching about the seals.
Pohaku and RIP by and large, slept through the whole thing, looked up, but laid back down. They were wonderful.
Yes, there were two idiots: they walked across the SPZ ignoring what I said and one got in my face, but you know, considering how many people were there and how much was going on, I consider it a pretty good day. Who knows, maybe I said something wrong that I wasn't aware of. Sorry for that.
Yes, DNLR came, I felt horrible. Everything was under control and I made multiple apologies for him being called. It left me feeling uncomfortable with my canoe club hosts.
At the end of my shift, I went over and found my hostess and told her that I was going to decline her invitation to lunch as I wanted to get back to town. She asked a couple of guys to direct me out of my parking space and with their excellent directions I wove my way out of my primo parking space and drove into town.
Thank you Westside Canoe Club for your hospitality. I really appreciated it and your warm welcome made my day.
I look forward to going back to Nanakuli. Mahalo again, Brandi