Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/16/2014 DB's Dailies: Kainoa&3U/f@RI, Kaiwi@CW, 2U/U@SC, Pohaku&Kolohe@Nanakuli, M&M,Benny&RIP@WP

Hanauma Bay posse member Gene called at 0720 with a report of an animal swimming through in the shallows , stopping to check a couple of spots at the west end, but never hauling out. At 0722 Gene called to advise that the animal had gone out the Cable Channel, and was Witches Brew bound.

 At 0818 the Unknown fest began at Rabbit Island. I found what I believe to be yesterday’s juvenile female in the same left end location. I was simply never able to see enough of the animal to make an ID. Two more U/F were seen. One fronting 1BS, and the other fronting 3BS, on RI. Both would depart in the morning glare before any ID was possible.

 At 0857 Kainoa (RN04) hauled out to join the 1BS U/F and after some interaction both would enter the water at 0910. Kainoa would haul out again to join the left end U/F at 1009. They remained together, the rest of the day.

 At 1151 Gayle called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at China Walls.

 At 1232 she reported an animal foraging at Spitting Cave. Even after checking the photos an U/U is required, though my dollar is on Duke, but ???

 Posse member Andy called at 1710 to advise that she was watching 2 animals foraging at SC, but the glare was so bad no photos were possible. She advised that one was definitely smaller than the other. My vote...Duke&Kaiwi but ???????

 A posse member called at 1506 to advise of an animal on the beach at the far Blowhole end of Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 1515 I found and cordoned off Buster (RV08).

 I had yet another DOCARE Incident at RI today. At 1246 a lone adult male on a kayak hauled out fronting the 3BS, walked up to carefully read the sign and then proceeded to explore the island to the right, toward the rabbit’s nose. He started back, heading for the left end (where the two animals were) but thankfully my Brown Noddy army of birds began dive bombing him as he neared their nest holes at the Middle Cliff. He turned and ran like a little girl, returning back to his kayak and departing. DOCARE was waiting for him at Kaiona Beach Park, but he apparently hauled out at one of the Waimanalo houses instead so he got away clean. Next time !!

 It was a busy little day at the pier today. Star-Advertiser photog Dennis Oda stopped by to do supporting shots for an interview that reported Nina did yesterday. Also stopping my were the Eitelbergs, Robin & Andrew. Except for the bad guy it was a fun day.

 Team Billand called at 0627 with the report of Kolohe foraging off shore of Maili Guard Rails. He did a brief check of Nanakuli, but continued his adventure.

 At 0713 the Billands reported a molting Pohaku (RO28) once again at Nanakuli.

 At 0826 they reported a drive by, headed east, by RIP (RR70). His “N1" was showing.

 At 1130 Team Billand advised of the arrival of M&M (R020) to White Plains. Thanks to Jean.

 At 1500 she would be joined briefly by Benny (RE74). She wasn’t goin’ for it and he departed at 1504.

 u/f and Kainoa
 awww come on!  I want to see the picture of the birds going after this guy.
 MM at white plains
 just another day at the beach... whew
 Rip at white plains checking things out
 Benny finds MM
 Benny.... BENNY~ you're suppose to stay at least 50 feet from those people!
 Here he is!


barbara said...

Last shot is...M and M R020, coming up the sand cliff for the nights rest.

MANY THANKS TO JEAN JASINA..who was at PLAINS, when we spotted, M and M.

She took a while before landing, but, when she finally landed, it was right smack in the middle of PLAINS. We had to beg folks to pick up and move back as M was coming in FAST and FURIOUS. Not easy getting folks back...some how all three of us did it.

My heart goes out to ... Pohaku who is out there in Nanakuli, ALONE to fend for herself. She gets many visits from individuals the entire week. We try to stop by and check on her, she moves away from her spots by being bothered. A molting seal needs its rest..but poor Pohaku aint getting it.

Yesterday, because Jean and Larry came for the 4pm to 8pm watch with M, we got to leave EARLY. We ran down to be with ... Pohaku R028. Two ladies were right at her..but they moved on and I was so grateful, I spent one hour with her in that blazing HOT SUN. I tried to stay low as I didnt want to give away her spot. She is close to the highway often..not good.

I said my prayers in my mind, just gazing at her, hoping she can do her molt...FAST and move on.

She was getting hammered by the huge waves. She then finally turned on her side, where I could see her molt underside..HOORAY.

Another wave came up, she turned and hauled up higher..OH NO, going to the spot close to the wall. I bid her farewell, hoping no body would harm her being so vulnerable out there on shore.

There are only three signs out, no ropes, we cant stay to monitor them. She settles in her wallow from last night.

There are fishermen all lined up with huge hooks in the water..the three day weekend tournament is ON.

I pray, she dont take no hooks, continues her PEACE. YA, RIGHT.

God bless Pohaku, I promised her, we would take care of her after her mom was shot and killed on Kauai. We are trying so hard...I wish someone else would help out. She is one special female, dear to our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Barbara! We stopped by and watched over Pohaku after we saw you walking along the cliffs near Makua. There was a man and his dog nearby Pohaku. The dog was on a leash, but the owner was not holding onto the leash. Apparently, he was training his dog. That made us nervous, so we stood watch until he left with the dog in tow. For the most part, Pohaku rested, with occasional glances at the dog.

Just wanted you to know that although it may feel like you have no support, There are some of us volunteers out there in the shadows who are quietly helping out when and where we can. ��

Lauray, Kelly

P.S. I swear I heard Pohaku say ..."tell Barbara I love her"...����


barbara said...

Thats Nanakuli where Pohaku is for many days..trying to molt.

We stop by several times a day to check on her...she keeps moving which is sad. She used to molt in KoOlina but, for some reason, she has been at Nanakuli.

I am glad you stopped by...I worry for her..she is such an awesome seal that people love to get up and personal with many years.

I worry about the loose dogs, the homeless, strangers that walk right to her. We do try to educate if we meet the fans out there.

WE cover alot of ground, sometimes, we cant go out there to check on her. Every morning we check...I see all the people sleeping on the sand, sad.

Thanks for being there for her...give a call if you watch her..I will feel so grateful.

Thanks LAURAY.....