Friday, August 29, 2014

Yesterday's News from Lesley

Aloha Good People
Lesley sent this video yesterday, unfortunately initially the link didn't work..... This is first chance I had to post the updated information sent to me. Thank you Lesley for sharing!

I did a typing mistake on the video and all the way thru my "report"
The seal at the BlowHole cove was RK96 "Kaiwi"
With visitors in town I've been doing the tour guide.Today we did China Walls (where we met up with Gail !!), Spitting Caves, Blowhole - where we spotted RK96 "Kaiwi" in the little cove (DB confirmed ID) we headed to Sandy to meet DB with 2 seals: T990/4DV and RV08 "Buster". 
We hanged around till both seals left.
It was nice to be back in my original grounds and see familiar faces from surfers to beach goers and be welcomed.  Aloha,  Lesley 

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