Sunday, August 3, 2014

8/2/2014 More on MM at White Plains

Thank you Angel for helping out watching over MM today at white plains.... it certainly has it's challenges with surfers, swimmers, and fishing men....  In the end the need to watch over these animals is critical .... so again thank you for your time and of course sharing these pictures: 

 going in for the dig
 burying your head in the sand... hmmm i've been accused of that...
 although i think she's got the technique down

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barbara said...

Angel took these the other night, as M came in late. Angel was nice enough to go and id M and stay with her.

YESTERDAYS volunteers were: Jean Jasina with Asley, then Carrie..and of course..the late shift from 4 to 8 was US.

THANKS all for taking on the watch, its been rough at Plains with hundreds of people. I cant believe how some people insist in wanting to touch the seal on shore.

Its always hard to keep watch with many little kids in the water, so close to the zone set up.

It ticks us off, when the kids constantly run in the zone so close to a 500 pound critter. We are trying so hard to keep folks from getting bit..they just dont get it..if it should happen, what, are they taking M and M to NIHOA too?

Any ways, thanks all for the help.