Friday, August 8, 2014

8-7-2014 DB's Dailies:Buster@SB, Kainoa&Aukai@RI, RIP&Pohaku@Nanakuli, M&M@WP, Luana@Mokuleia

Hawaii 5-0 owned this end of the galaxy, from before Hanauma Bay to Irma’s. Finding a place to park was a challenge. The Normandy invasion had less trucks, equipment and people. They all magically disappeared by 1130. Bookum’ Dano !

 I was batting zero until a call from Dana advised of an animal attempting to haul out at Eternity Beach. By the time I got there, and found a place to park at Blowhole, the animal was gone , which is definitely a good thing. The adoring masses wouldn’t give the animal a break. Because I “knew” that we were talkin’ Buster here, I hung out at Blowhole getting an overview of the entirety of Sandy Beach.
Sure enough at 1022 I observed what proved to be Buster (RV08) just hauling out at the Blowhole end of Sandy Beach. I relocated, once again negotiating the 5-0 signs, and finally got to Buster at 1039 and cordoned him off.  Gayle reported Buster’s departure at 1812.

 On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island at 1116 I found Kainoa (RN04) & Aukai (RL12) together behind Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. They were the only RI residents today.

 At 0650 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) & Pohaku (RO28) together at Zablan Beach, Nanakuli.

 At 0650 the Billands also reported that M&M (R020) had over nighted at White Plains. She would depart at 1030 however the Billands advised that she was still foraging in the area.  At 1410 they reported her return to White Plains.

 Kimo Smith reported finding Luana (RN58) at the birth beach, Mokuleia.

 Tracy called at 1022 with the word that Rocky had weaned her pup yesterday and had departed the beach on Kauai yesterday afternoon (40 days). I advised Colleen that the vacation was over. Her girl was comin’ home.

 Connected or not, who knows, but Tracy advised that an U/U had briefly checked the beach at Queens, at 0950 and departed. !!!

hmmm wonder if they stay in the water during the hurricane or.... hang out on the beach 
 okay how cute is she?  flying masked seal
looney luana
 aw... she's molting.... maybe heavy rains will help wash away the peeling coat

 Pohaku and Rip

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