Sunday, March 23, 2014

Team Billand: Kermit at windsock

He was on reef, moved on land later on.  He was with lots of little kids....fishermen a few dogs.  One fishermen fishing just a few feet from him ON THE REEF.  We placed all the signs, came back later on after finding the other seal at Plains.

We went to Kermit a second time...put the ropes up.  AND THATS WHERE WE STAYED MOST OF THE DAY FROM 10:25am to 3:30pm.  Small kids in zone, papa gave em one whack.  The fishermen finally moved his the right side of us and KErmit.  NO one caught a thing.

7:30pm...Kermit remains on shore, WITH TWO PHOTOGRAPhers...and asked them not to use...FLASH.  Removed ropes, left signs.

Kermit and a fisherman
 kermit is ready for his closeup
 and now the fishing party

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