Saturday, March 22, 2014

3-20-2014 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@RI, M&M,Haupu@WP, Rocky@DH, Right Spot@TB, R912&Kolohe@GR, Pohaku@PC, Kermit@NIM,

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, at 0858 I found Kainoa (RN04) snoozin’ at the edge of the Morning Glory, left of 3BS. He would move down to cool off at 1000, and remained all day. He was my only SE quadrant find for the day.
At 0730 Team Billand called with the report of M&M (R020) at #1708, White Plains.
At 0934 posse member Christian Young called with the report of Rocky (RH58) once again at the Beach Rd end of Diamond Head. He cordoned her off. Thank you Christian !
An evening email from Colleen brought word that somebody had told her that T21M was down at the Jim Nabor’s end of DH, (Black Point), but he had departed at 0700.
At 1020 Dana called with a report of Right Spot (R016) at Right Spot’s Spot, Turtle Bay.
Team Billands found R912 & Kolohe (RW22) at Maili Point at 1105.
At 1203 the Billands found Pohaku (RO28) at Paradise Cove, with the usual tonnage of people all around her.
At 1326 the Billands advised that volunteer Trudy had called with reporting the arrival of Haupu (RB24) to join M&M at White Plains. M&M departed at 1445. The Billands advised that Haupu departed at 1727.
At 1444 Team Billand found Kermit (R012) on the reef fronting pavilion #1813, Nimitz Cottages. He was gone on their 1700 check.
Whole Foods posse member (and my favorite CheeseWiz), Teri has made many a find over her 2 years or so, Monk Seal career, but today’s find is the highlight thus far. Thank You Teri !!! Stay Thirsty My Friends !!!  
All I'm going to say is.... if you want another there is a bottle waiting for ya at my store.

Rocky at Diamond Head
Those orange signs are going to be antiques soon :-)
Say what?  monk seal beer?
of course the monk seal whisperer will be one of the first to get one!
haupu and mm
2 ladies hanging out together
pohaku at paradise cove
r912 and kolohe

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