Monday, March 31, 2014

3-31-2014 DB's Dailies: Sadie@RI, Ewa Girl@WSK, Haupu,R018,M&M@WP, R5AY@Hauula, Meli&Kaikaina@T, Ka'ena,Kerby,RW30,RW02,Kolohe@KP

Not finding Sadie at Rabbit Island yesterday, gave me all kinda’ stress, so you can imagine my joy when I found her big ol’ bulbous bod waiting for me directly below 1BS on RI on my first look at 0656. She would remain all day, and was the only RI resident today. There was still no pup as of end of day.
An unknown White Plains user called at 0854 with the report of 2 animals just hauling out fronting the first cottages, at WP.
Vera Cober was with Ewa Girl (RS00) at Winds Sock at that moment, and I passed on to her the word about WP animals. She responded and dealt with the haul outs, confirming R018&Haupu (RB24) together. During her trip to WP M&M (R020) had arrived at the shower at 0932, at WP. Thanks too to Trudy & Wendy for a long hard day in the trenches at WP.
Dana called at 1056 with the report of R5AY at Hauula.
Evening email from Kimo Smith brought shots of his day at Ka’ena Point with Ka’ena (RO40), RW30, RW02, Kolohe (RW22)& Kerby (RW08).

At 1225 Diane (Diga) Gabriel called with the report of Meli (RF20) & Kaikaina (RL54) together at the Elbow, Turtle Bay.

 Sadie back on turtle bay
 ewa girl 
 R018 and Haupu
 Ka'ena and Kerby

 Ka'ena and RW02
 Ka'ena RW30 and Kolohe
 Kolohe - Hey Auntie Val we found your Molokai girl!
 Kolohe RW30 and Ka'ena


Val said...

YIPPEE!!!! Thanks for the good news. She's looking rather round......with pup?!?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your comments...