Friday, March 28, 2014

Sad News from Kauai

It's never ever easy to lose one of our beloved seals... this one is tough being such a young animal. We'll never know what cause of death was... but at least it appears to be from natural causes. Here is the message from the Kauai Hui

We have some unfortunate news to share with all of you. Last weekend we found the carcass of RL17, a juvenile female that was born at Larsens Beach in 2012 to RH58. We sighted her two weeks ago in healthy body condition. Unfortunately we were unable to conduct a thorough necropsy due to the condition of the carcass, however it appears that the cause of death was natural.

On a positive note, over the past couple of weeks we've had several new seals hauling out on our beaches, 2 juvenile females, 1 unknown juvenile, and 1 yearling male that we were able to tag as R4DD. He has been predictably hauling-out on the east side this week. Here's a great photo of him taken by Mary Frances Miyashiro.


madhatter said...

So sad to hear about RL17, but at least it was not caused by a human this time. Sorry Rocky,May your pup RIP.
Now she can hang out with some really cool seals, that went before her.

barbara said...

To all the volunteers who took so much time to care for L17, Rocky's pup. To those who sit in the hot sun, monitoring this little ANGEL, thank you. I am sorry. It is never easy to hear of such a tragic loss.

Rocky has been such a great mom with all her kids. It is so sad for me, as a volunteer to hear this news. My heart aches, my tears fall. I feel for all of you.

God Bless you sweet little will be in our hearts for ever.

I am so sorry....

Dana said...

You all do so much and work so hard. I remember when Rocky came back to Oahu from this birth. We were all celebrating such a happy outcome. My heart goes out to you all. This is such a loss for everyone and the seals. Thoughts and prayers are with you.