Friday, March 7, 2014

3-6-2014 DB's Dailies:

At 0728 I found what would prove to be Sadie (RB12), partially visible in the Morning Glory fronting 1BS on Rabbit Island. Posse member St. Ilana of DOFAW , who was out there with the rest of Ama’s DOFAW crew, was gracious enough to provide a confirmed tag of B12/13. It be Sadie, guarans !
At 0952 Gayle called with the report of Aukai (RL12) at the Lanai Lookout Cove. Her photos confirm the Aukai ID.
Thank you too to Melanie who once again trekked the necessary miles in the SE quadrant.
At 0640 Team Billand reported Pohaku (R028) at Nanakuli.
At 0935 the Billands called to advise the posse member John (the Janitor) had reported that M&M (R020) had overnighted at White Plains, but had departed at 0530.
At 1033 Team Billand reported T21M, still unmolted, at the Reef Runway. Last year’s molt began on 1-12-13 so he is overdue. He is an ol’ dude(30+) so that might have something to do with it. He had last been reported on Molokai on 2-10-14, by Diane Pike.
At 1100 the Billands reported Ewa Girl (RS00), Kolohe (RW22) & Kekoa (RK72) together at the Reef Runway.
Tracy checked in at 1108 to advise that Meli had received her bling at Turtle Bay and is now officially, RF20/21.
At 1244 the Billands advised that White Plains lifeguards had reported 3 animals. When the Billands got there all were gone.
At 1403 the Billands found Haupu (RB24) and Buster (RV08) fronting #1775, WP. Buster has been MIA out my way for a few days now, so that news was great !
At 1500 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) & Kerby (RW08) at Maili.

Kimo Smith sent KP shots for Yesterday's News. He found RK36 at KP, and Luana (RN58) at Mokuleia.  Diane Gabriel had also seen RK36 at KP yesterday, but the shots were inconclusive until Tracy confirmed the RK36 ID today.

 Sadie Sadie !!!

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