Monday, March 17, 2014

3-16-2014 RW30 and Ka'ena's Love Story

 The following series of photos taken by Vera just shows how warm and fuzzy our seals can be. I know I know... we're not suppose to personalize them... they're animals.. blah blah blah... LOOK at these photos and tell me they don't have feelings.... they don't have their unique personalities ???  Even if you can... I won't believe you :-)

 RW30 and Ka'ena
come on over and give me a hug
 Let me whisper sweet nothings to you 
 I bet you day that to all the girls
 okay you will handsome
the end


madhatter said...

I agree,
Love the pics!

Val said...

Well I don't know what to say about these pictures, RW30,my sweet little girl!! As you may know RW30 is my favorite seal. Diane and I named her "little girl" she was the only female seal born on Molokai in 2008, a real sweetie (momma is m&m. She held her own with all the boyz on Molokai. It's good to know where she is but, I know Auntie diane misses her. She is of pupping age, so time will tell what's she's up to. Take care of our "Little Girl" :)

Brandi said...

This is awesome. A true love story.