Thursday, March 20, 2014

Response to HOT-LINE Call - Enchanted Lake Boat Ramp

Aloha Good People!

I responded to a call this morning of a "seal" near the boat ramp in enchanted lake..... for those of you who know Kailua, Enchanted Lake is a neighborhood say between Kailua beach and Kam Hwy heading towards Waimanalo.  

The curious thing about this .... it's the SECOND call/information I have received in the last couple of weeks of a seal in the canal.... enchanted lake side.  So I took the information very seriously. I first headed out to Kailua Beach boat ramp (near Lanikai) and there is a canal close by that does go into enchanted lake neighborhood.  I saw some of our local firefighters at the beach and asked if they heard or knew of anything about a seal.... nope nothing nada.  I then asked if there was another boat ramp... after all they would know right?  Wrong!  

I used my Kailua network of Auntie Sharon's ohana and sure enough she called me back to say there is a boat ramp off of Keolu Drive (in enchanted lake).  I made my way over and lucky enough a gate was open and maintenance crew was there.... I asked if they heard or saw anything?  Answer: No.  But they were kind enough to let me walk around a bit.... no sign of a seal, but I will say if one of them is in there, they have some pretty easy pickings in some nasty water.

LONG and short of this.... I posted to my Kailua contacts and asked for anyone with information to call the hotline with a CALL BACK NUMBER, ADDRESS, or landmark, and time and date of incident.
I am so curious what the caller saw and where it was.... but I guess we'll just have to wait for this to unfold.  

da blog lady!

p.s.  as of this evening someone mentioned seeing wallows on the beach... (of course they didn't say where on the beach)... i'll keep ya posted if there is any news

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barbara said...

See, this is what we go through daily, if we dont get the proper information of Landmarks, call back numbers, cross roads, reference points all important for a response.

I give you a big hug for trying. It isnt easy, and at times we walk for miles, and find......nothing.

But I think with your determination and compassion, YOU WILL FIND THAT MYSTERY SEAL...and I hope its a good find for you. Happy Trails, B