Saturday, March 8, 2014

3-7-2014 DB's Dailies: Aukai&U/U@RI, Kaiwi@TBL, R018@WP, Buster&Haupu@WP&WSK,

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, at 1018 I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) hauling out to 3BS on RI.
On a pan at 1024 I became aware of a barely visible U/U behind the water front rocks at Rocky Right Beach on RI. I was never able to glean any info on this critter.
Unfortunately, a male & female off an anchored boat decided to move on to the beach, at 1119, east of 3BS after their snorkel session. They explored the island moving toward the Waimanalo end of the island passing Aukai at 1121. She was very much aware of them , but did not depart. They did not interact with her at all. After exploration they rested fronting 2BS, and at 1158 returned to their boat. DOCARE was called of course, and an officer responded. He attempted to meet them at the Kailua Boat Ramp, but was unsuccessful. He will follow up through the "HA" number on the boat.
At 1321 I found Kaiwi (RK96) snoozin’ at Toilet Bowl, Hanauma Bay.
Team Billand called at 0720 with the report of R018 fronting #1708, White Plains. Thanks Diane T for the help & the shots.
At 0802 Buster (RV08) hauled out to join R018 at WP.
At 0833 the boys got a surprise when Haupu (RB24) hauled out to join them. All 3 would enter the water together. At 0921 the Billands reported that R018 had hauled out again fronting #1707.He would depart at 1450.
At 0921 the Billands advised that Buster & Haupu hauled out together at Wind Sock. Thanks again Diane T for the shots. Per Diane they departed at 1725.

Diane Pike sent shots of a couple of critters familiar to us here on Oahu. She found Noa (R6FI) of Ka’ena Point and RA20 the female that hung out with Kea at Eternity Beach a while back on her Molokai trek today.
 This makes me really mad.... these people should know better... absolutely NO reason for them to be out there!! 
UU on Rabbit Island 
 Noa 6FI
 RA20 looking pretty in a new coat
Buster and R018
 are you looking at my butt?
 Buster and Haupu
 Haupu Buster and R018 getting along peacefully
 well that didn't last long!  seal party!
Haupu and Buster

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barbara said...

R018 is back on our side again, been along time since we seen him.

He looks trimmer, but ok. He was seen fronting 1708 Plains. Later to be joined by BUSTER..who is also back on our side. But seems Buster was SLOW in approaching, R018, as if it was their first...MEETING.

After his approach, Buster went right into R018's WALLOW. Sniffing it out, then just nose diving into the wallow. R018 was getting nervous..put his head high up and backwards to see..WHAT TA HELL was Buster up to. Well Buster lay across the wallow right behind R018. Lay his head on R018's hind flippers. That got him mad and a spat began. It was over, Buster got R018's wallow rights. They settled.

Then enters sweet chunky FAT...Haupu. She came up, sniffing the boys and went...HOLY CRAP, ITS THE BOYS!!!

Haupu took off, but Buster and R018 were right at her..they fought a bit, Buster had the Female Haupu, and they both ran off towards Kalaeloa. R018 Backed off, went foraging, slowly back to 1707 Plains. I followed the couple alllll the way to Windsock.

Rob was with R018, Diane T. Came along, she waited for R018 to haul up. Rob took off to find me and the other seals.

Up they came to Windsock, Miss Haupu and Buster. Rob and I roped off the seals..educated folks who came to see the great seals of Plains.

Diane mean while called to say R018 landed..but she had to go meet someone in Pearl City.

Ok...I called Dana, who got Trudy and her Husband Charles to come to Windsock.

Beverly also came out to help, along with Bekki S.

In the end, Rob, Diane, Bekki and I watched over the couple late heavy rain.

We gave in, tired and cold, Bekki and Diane remained from 5pm. Just 20 minutes later, Diane called to say...Haupu and Buster left site..finally. The end.

Thanks all who helped us out. All is appreciated.

I just want to add, the couple in 1708 were thrilled three seals were at the cabin they were renting out. They kept saying, WHo is going to believe this, three seals here with us. So we took their photo to show PROOF, that indeed, three critically endangered seals were there to enjoy observing. Cool.