Friday, March 7, 2014

3-6-2014 Team Billand

Buster and Haupu @ white plains
 Buster's tail and tag V08
 Tail and tag B24
 Kerby at Maili
 Tag and tail W08
 Rip at Maili
 Tail and Tag R47?? This labeled Rip... but his tag is/was R70.... am I having a senior moment?  Did he get new tags?
 Pohaku @ Nanakuli
 Kekoa and Kolohe at Reef Runway.... From Rabbit Island to Reef Runway
 Kekoa, Kolohe and Ewa Girl.... so who knew all this time this is a hangout seals on a regular basis. Thank you to Auntie Eileen for keeping a good eye and caring.... And to team Billand for their commitment to check the area.
 Kekoa little handsome dude
 T21 hopefully getting ready molt this green suit
 30 years old.... we should celebrate this old dude!  how wonderful he is still with us and has survived in spite of the odds.  


barbara said...

oopps! Correction:

#3 Photo: Buster.

#5 Photo: Haupu@plains.

#7 Photo: Kerby @maili.

Thanks ....

Donna said...

Okay I'm fired! so sorry for messing up the photo ids.

hmmm it's not the first time and probably not the last...
I try and sometimes I mess up.

barbara said...

No Worries, BLOG LADY...we appreciate your work, its not easy with so many photos...all's good.

No, you are NOT FIRED KID.

Hugs and appreciation for putting every ones work with the seals on a site that is awesome to be a part of.

Some times seals do silly things, Like Buster yesterday, and I cant help but want to show, how special each seal really is...and what they do some times.