Saturday, March 8, 2014

3-8-2014 DB's Dailies:Kainoa@RI, DB, Buster,Haupu&RIP@WP, Kermit@WSK, RK36@Maili Pt, Team Billand

At 0817 I found a rock with possibilities at the back of the 1st Cave, right of Rocky Right Beach on Rabbit Island. At 0847 the rock did a hiccup and I knew I had a critter. It would be 1114 before I finally confirmed the Kainoa (RN04) ID. He remained in that cave the entire day. He would be the only RI critter. No make that the only SE quadrant critter. Thank you to Marilyn & Gayle, as well as Jack (at the Bay) for the TBL check. Marilyn decided not do the KP trek today. Too much rain and too much mud.
Team Billand called at 0813 to advise that Buster (RV08) had just done a "drive by" at White Plains, headed west. At 0920 he would return, along with Haupu (RB24). They hauled out to the showers at WP.
At 1120 the Billands found Kermit (R012) at Wind Sock.
At 1330 the Billands reported RK36 at Maili Pt.

At 1315 the Billands advised that volunteer Jean had called to report that RIP (RR70) had hauled out to join Buster & Haupu, and that all had moved into the water. Rip would return at 1400.

 Buster and Haupu
 Terry and Robert & Rip

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