Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3-18-2014 Team Billand Long Day Out on the West Side!

Benny at Makaha
 Kerby at Maili
Kermit at Nimitz
Future Seal Advocate - Little Olivia
MM at white plains.... Brand  BEKKI (sorry) spent the day out there and dealt with some "jerk" - just want to repeat what I am sure Barb and Robert told you, don't let them get to you.... What you are doing is bigger than them... just stay focused on all the good.
Team Billand had their hands full today by scouting the beaches and having their grand pup with them to help out!
and it wasn't just about seals... look at this great shot of a whale tail!


Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you today Olivia!! Thanks Robert, Barbara and Donna!! I try my best to stay focused on the greater good!!!! Today was a perfect example and a good reminder of how important it is to do outreach!!! I am honored to be a part of the team!!! Bekki <3

barbara said...

It was BEKII who spent the day with Miss M and M. She was a trooper, sticking it out, all by HERSELF and tons of folks, ASKING QUESTIONS.

Yep, there is always one dumbass who thinks they're funny by being rude.

Thanks Miss Bekii for being there for M and M. And to the lifeguards for roping the seal off. Team work, WORKS.

Now, Benny, was called in by our hero LIFEGUARD FROM WHITE PLAINS. He was fishing out Makaha with his lovely wife, when Benny came a shore. He knows, the seal needs to be protected and immediately called me.

We got there, Benny was on shore, snoozing. Dennis came over to tell me, some folks got really close to the seal. Makaha beach is a tuff area to keep a seal safe. We didnt put signs or ropes up, he was near the housing area, not on the MAIN SURF SPOT. He said, only a few folks came up close to Benny...which shocked him. He knows how our seals at White Plains get lots of protection. We cant get folks to stay with the seals at this beach...just Debbie. I wish some day that would change..and we could get volunteers to go Makaha.

Kerby was at his usual little spot on the rocks...alone and peaceful. I know this is going to change, ITS SPRING BREAK.

Kermit...oh how happy we were to FIND HIM. He was on the reef, with those ladies and kid near him. I asked them to back off, they didnt..I told them of the rules and still they stayed. I asked ONE MORE TIME..Please Step away, the seal will come up higher..and TA DAAA...Kermit did move up. After that, all was good for Kermit.

We started our day at 5:45am and we didnt get back home til after 8pm.

Oh and the calf and its mom were breaching over an over at Nimitz area. Such a thrill to watch, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES WE SEE THIS, it's AWESOME. It was way off into the horizon, but I got one shot of that magnificent Fluke !!! I showed the shot to this family, THEY ASKED IF THEY COULD TAKE A PIC OF MY PICTURE..OH sure...Now they can go back to the mainland and show that photo of a whale they saw.

Thanks again, are appreciated.