Friday, March 7, 2014

3-7-2014 Lesley's Update: Meli gets her bling

The day started early heading out to TBR for little "Meli's" big bling day. 

As usual with pups, when we arrived, she made us all wait while she was lingering, playing and foraging in the McKenzies cove. She headed back to Elbow Beach, played some more in the shallow waters till she decided to haul out. Team tagging was ready and "Meli" was tagged and is now officially RF20 (tags F20/F21). Unfortunately there's no photos on the new tags on her... we left straight after the tagging and the photos I have the tags are covered with sand ;)
I headed up to KPt after the tagging for and afternoon hike. On my way in I found R912 "Nihoa" hauled out sleeping @ Hidden Beach. She was still there on my way back in the early evening, but had moved higher, probably for an over night

At the point RK36 "Kauai Kolohe" and RW02 "Kauai PV" where in the main pool. The first one stretched out on the center reefs and the second in the water but with the top side of his body out of the water.
On the way back I checked Birth Beach and there she was, little RN58 "Luana" blended into the sand like a chameleon.  Aloha, Lesley 
Meli before tagging - known as PO1 (pup Oahu #1)
 But now she's official tagged RF20/F21
 R912 Nihoa 
 RK36 (Kauai's Kolohe)
 Luana RN58

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