Friday, September 6, 2013

9-6-2013 Team Billand's Wild Day

 Kolohe and MM at Maili Point
 MM giving this young dude the what for
 Kolohe being a little gentleman and letting MM have her say
 Apparently she has a little more to add
 Rip @ Ka'ena Point
 His critter cam was removed by the NOAA team the other day, but it looks like his sat tag is missing. This is the device that does the tracking, and the other day he had some line tangled around it so it's probably best it's gone. (other than the cost of the equipment)
 Ka'ena relaxing
 And here they go.... apparently poor Barb had this happen all day at a couple of different sites... these people just have to get the picture with total disregard to the animal's safety as well as their own.
 and finally we have a rather wide Haupu!

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barbara said...

Pohaku was found at Maili and she was also visited by a guy who had to have that CLOSE ENCOUNTER with a monk seal.

It WAS a very stressful day....I dont see the JOY in running off a seal, that WAS in a sleep, RELAXING. We all try so hard to prevent this, but, sometimes, no matter what you SAY OR DO...

I was thrilled I got to meet up with POOR RIP..I wanted to be with him, and to see for myself, if he was ....ok. He seemed really tired, and when the group of guys and gals went over to him, IT MADE ME SO ANGRY!! He lunged at the guy several times, barking...AFTER I explained to them...this seal been through traumatic times, so let it be.

Poor Kaena had just arrived...looking for a spot to REST. He was just 50 feet from RIP. He came in the pond, looked around, sniffing the air. Then turned, and rested on the seal inlet/outlet.

Then the group came ANY WAYS, after all I said, Kaena took off.

Why? Why cant the seals be left to rest?????? Too bad...and I never found Kaena any where again.