Friday, September 20, 2013

9-20-2013 *** Maka'iwi Update **** She's looking a lot Better

A truly amazing week.... she is still on the mend... but she is looking so much better hard to believe it's just been a few days..... Amazing!
thank you to the crew of professionals who take care of our beloved monk seals.

 I think she looks so much better
 even her coat.... amazing
 the wound is pretty gnarly but still so much better than it was....

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barbara said...

Makaiwi was discovered by security on a monday...but we didnt get notified till Friday the 13th. That is when we got the call of a seal with lumps and sores.

So...she has been suffering since last Monday, got two shots to help her heal...and she is doing so much better.

She is still with lumps, but nothing like on that Friday when we found her in the corner, floating. She still floats, but now does go hunting, and twice we seen her with TAKO.

I so love Makaiwi, and I hope with my heart and soul, she can be herself, again.

She was a traveler, from Island to Island since she was a younster.

She is so pretty, a real fighter, smart, hope she survives this whole infection or whatever she has.

We spend alot of time, looking for her, observing her for many hours daily...Prayers Makaiwi!!!!