Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9-10-2013 DB's Dailies: Kea@AD, Buster@SB, UU@RI, M&M@WP, Rocky@DH, Benny@KoOlina, Kekoa&Ewa Girl@RR

At 0545 I found Kea (RN46) in a tide pool at the rock flats, 100yds east of the wall. At 0632 he would exit the tide pool and swim out to the surf line bearing east. I lost him in the morning glare. Lesley found him back in the original tide pool at 0717. At 0830 he would be washed off the rocks and let the current carry him in an easterly direction to nearly fronting the "party tree" before beginning to work his way back to the west. By 0900 he was back at the 100yd flats and hauled out for a snooze. He slept his way through my 10-1 shift. Gayle checked in at 1540 to advise that she and Kea had been to the "party tree" and back. He entered the water at 1353 and swam to the east, returning to his starting point, snooze spot at the 100 yd flates at 1521, and returned to snooze mode.
At 0604 posse member Alex called with the report of an animal at the east end of Sandy Beach. When I arrived at 0611 I found Buster (RV08) and cordoned him off. On my 0907 recheck he was gone.
At 0826 I found a "swimming head" off shore of Rabbit Island . The animal would haul out behind the water front rocks at Left Middle Cliff, on RI. Despite lots of time looking, I could never get more than a minimal partial view. I have to go with an U/U.
At 0613 Team Billand would report M&M (R020) at White Plains. She departed at 1615.
At 0640 Colleen advised that Rocky (RH58) was still at Diamond Head. Colleen advised that Rocky was gone on her 1030 recheck. Dera called to report that Rocky had returned at 1600.
At 1110 the Billands called to advise that posse member Linda was responding to an animal at Lani’s at KoOlina. At 1517 the Billands would confirm the Benny (RE74) ID. I’m happy to see that boy back on the west side. Thank you Benny !!

At 1128 the Billands found Ewa Girl (RS00) and Kekoa (RK72) at the Reef Runway.

 Kea being plump and happy  
Benny heading west... interesting he wasn't causing any chaos today. 
 MM at white plains
 Ewa Girl and her 1 year old son Kekoa
 so sweet only wish his little sister was there
 Ewa Girl looking all purdy with her shiny new coat
 Kekoa being just a little green... much greener than the last time I saw him, wonder if he and his little sister have a special hide out

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barbara said...

I think to myself, how wonderful we all are to have Hawaiian Monk seals on earth!!

BUT...they have the most troubled lives, filled with folks who wont let them alone, nets to get entangled in, hooks that can kill them if not removed, dogs that chase them or even bite.

Then there are sharks who kill pups, or injure some of our adult seals.

There is pollution, debri....

Then THERE IS THE GREAT MOLASSES Spill in Sand Island Harbor the other day, over 233,000 gallons of it, that they claim cant be cleaned up as it just sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor. Sinks to kill thousands of fish...who can not get oxygen and just...die.

So what becomes of our seals that are out there?????????? Will this spill affect them????

How can man clean up after these accidental spills??? There must be a way....some how.

There must be some kind of thing to absorb what is on the oceans floor.

Our poor seals...they suffer daily.

I so wish with my soul, some how, our seals can survive this spill and that man can be more careful with what is left on earth.

We cant find U ilani....but we did find Kekoa and his mom, Ewa girl.

I did see the dead fish out there, sad. So sad.

Anyone got answers???? Any one can solve the spill situation.

I wish all the so called organizations can pull together as a team, looking out for all critters safety...DO SOMETHING...before its too late.

Join forces to save whatever is possible...it will all be worth it.

Prayers to all seals...I am sorry for what man does to you.