Sunday, September 15, 2013

9-15-2013 Maka'iwi

Since I received some additional photos of Maka'iwi I thought it best to post all in one place... my heart aches for this poor animal... I really hope we can get to her soon and figure out what is happening here. HAS ANYONE seen her belly or underside?  Are there any of these lumps on her under side? All this pictures have been of her back side I was just wondering if this is covering her whole body or just her back?  
First set of shots from Team Billand 
 poor thing
 WHAT the hell?
 The next series of shots are from Ko'Olina Diane... gives a different perspective
 The next two shots were sent to me by volunteer Kerstin who received them from a passerby. Thank you Kerstin for sending them in


barbara said...

We spend hours trying to get shots of the wounds, not easy as the water comes over the body...covering the area.

Today she left the harbor per a fishermen around 7am.

We waited around and then...there she came from Kalaeloa Deep Water Harbor side.with all the fishermen yelling SEAL as she passed their lines, one by one.

We lost her again for a long time. We spotted her coming from the Deep Water Harbor...then around to KoOlina Harbor. Thats where she stayed for the rest of the day, floating. But at one time, she surprised me...including Diane. Diane said she was gone, moved out, but I went to look, there she is...out of water partially, snoozing on the rocks up to her foreflippers. The wound just partly exposed to the air to dry. The lumps on her side, were turning white, some dangling down.

She also dived some, trying to catch a bite to eat.

Then she went back to .... floating and snoozing.

Truly, Makaiwi is trying to ... LIVE. SHe is fighting and surviving...TODAY for me, I thought she had a better day.

Prayers Miss Makaiwi...hopefully, you will heal soon and get on with...LIFE.

Thanks Vera and son, for coming to help out with our two seals at Windsock...Irma and Ewa Girl. It was crazy over there today...We did return at 6:15pm to find Miss Ewa Girl, STILL ON SHORE, STILL PEOPLE THERE.

6:45pm Ewa Girl finally we can LEAVE.


barbara said...

It is very difficult to get photos of Makaiwi's body. She floats, the water goes over the body, blocking a view.

She never goes on her back, she only stays on her belly, but, today she managed to go on her side a few seconds. We dont know what the belly looks like at all.

And she also got partially out of the water, on the rocks to dry her wounds a bit...she looked cute.

I keep trying to see if the wound is caused by a shark or was it from a boat prop. I think after today..maybe...SHARK. She is still a mess poor thing.

She did some thing funny...she started to slap the water surface with her left now I know that flipper is not injured. KP2 did that too, slap the water, in frustration. Remember???

It takes many hours of concentrating, waiting for that moment to show, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER INJURIES. is blazing hot out there, not to mention the big boulders to deal to be careful not to fall.

So far, she hasnt been bothered, but I advise all to keep the voices low..she can hear good. She needs QUIET to rest and heal.

God bless you pretty girl..Prayers.